SMART is an organization to encourage and promote all horse activities. We are a group of horse enthusiasts who love to trail ride and enjoy the company of others. We have a membership of approximately 100 members from all over New England.

Rides are held throughout the spring, summer and fall across Maine, New Hampshire and Massachusetts and range from 15-20 miles on varied terrain.

horse and rider

Any person interested in horses and horsemanship may become a member of this club. Persons under the age of 18 must have written permission from a parent or guardian. Dues are paid annually on January 31st. Complete information about Smart Rides, click here.

Select from two types of memberships:
  • Working Members: Who are required to participate at club functions or
  • Social Members: Informed of all club functions while not required to participate.
Annual Membership Fee:
  • New Members: $15.00
  • Renewing Members: $10.00

We are gearing up for our 28th season of organized trail rides. The schedule has been arranged. Our first ride of the year will be at the end of April and will be held at the beautiful Maudsley State Park, our June ride will be held in Milton Mills, New Hampshire at the Branch Hill Farm. July's ride will be held in the Lyman/Alfred area, this is a new ride for us this year. Our annual overnight ride will be held in September, Labor Day weekend in Gilmanton, New Hampshire followed by our end of September ride in beautiful Gorham, Maine. October's ride will be in Newfield, Maine. We will end the season with our favorite ride, the Turkey Trot to be held in November in South Berwick, Maine.

Those of you that have ridden with us in the past know that in addition to the beautiful and challenging trails, we also offer some great meals!! You are also familiar with the type of terrain that we cover, but for “newcomers” we offer these guidelines … Ordinarily our rides are approximately 12-20 miles in length. The first ride of the season tends to be shorter to facilitate “conditioning.” Our rides are “pleasure rides” and welcome all levels of riders, however, please realize that as the season progresses the terrain and the obstacles tend to become more challenging. The rule of thumb is check with the contact people should you have any questions.

We are affiliated with NEHTA (New England Horse and trail Association)
Current Negative Coggins must be provided.
For more information on our rides, please click here.

Ride Prices:
  • Ride and Meal(Members): $20.00
  • Ride and Meal (Non-Members): $25.00
  • Meal Only: $10.00
  • Overnight ride: TBA
Click on the ride date or location for more information
**Ride dates tentative, more information will be provided when available**
Date Ride Coordinators Email Address Telephone Location
April 30, 2017 Sandra Rogers (207) 651-6571 Newburyport, MA
June 18, 2017
Joyce Winchell &
Sandy Galarneau
(207) 636-3622
(603) 652-4424
Milton Mills, NH
July 30, 2017
Lauren Masellas &
Wendy Caron
(207) 415-5946
(207) 985-3520
Lyman, ME
Sept. 2nd & 3rd, 2017
Joyce Winchell
Ron Peabody
(207) 636-3622
(603) 524-8505
Gilmanton, NH
September 17, 2017 Melinda Rankin (207) 749-9503 Gorham, ME
October 22, 2017 Ellen Ross (207) 247-4108 Newfiled, ME
November 5, 2017 Julia Fortier (207) 384-2604 So. Berwick, ME